Server Detail
Flex System x880 X6
Other Certifications
This server is included in the Certification of the following Server
Supported I/O Controllers
  • ServeRAID M5210
Available Processors for this Model
Clockspeed Cores Threads L1-Cache L2-Cache L3-Cache QPI Architecture
2.80 GHz E7-8890v21530960 KB3840 KB37,5 MB8 GT/s64-bit
2.50 GHz E7-8880v21530960 KB3840 KB37,5 MB8 GT/s64-bit
2.30 GHz E7-8850v21224768 KB3072 KB37,5 MB7,2 GT/s64-bit
Non-Critical Components
There's no Non-Critical Components infomation for this server.
Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows Server 2012
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